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FluoVolt™ Membrane Potential Kit

Catalog number:  F10488

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The FluoVolt™ Membrane Potential Kit represents the next generation in voltage sensitive fluorescent probe-based kits. The FluoVolt™ probe brings together the best characteristics of the fast and slow response membrane potential fluorescent probes. The FluoVolt™ probe responds to changes in membrane potential in sub-milliseconds and displays a high magnitude of response.

Features of the FluoVolt™ Membrane Potential Probe include:

• Fast—responds to changes in membrane potential within sub-milliseconds
• High sensitivity—response range is typically 25% per 100 mV
• Emission/excitation works with standard FITC settings
• Can be used in imaging or patch clamp applications

Changes in membrane potential play a central role in many physiological processes, including nerve-impulse propagation, muscle contraction, and cell signaling. Potentiometric fluorescent probes are important tools for studying these processes and are generally characterized as slow- or fast-response probes.

The Best Characteristics of Slow- and Fast-Response Probes
Slow-response probes function by entering depolarized cells, binding to proteins or membranes, and exhibiting enhanced fluorescence. This membrane translocation event decreases the ability of these reporters to respond to changes in membrane potential and introduces a capacitive load that can affect cell health. However, these probes display a high magnitude of response; typically in the 1% per mV range.

Fast-response probes are molecules that change their structure in response to the surrounding electric field and detect transient (millisecond) potential changes. However, when compared to the slow-response probes, the fast-response probes have a magnitude of potential-dependent fluorescence change that is often small (2–10% fluorescence change per 100 mV).

The FluoVolt™ Membrane Potential Probe displays the best properties of the slow- and fast-response probes. The FluoVolt™ probe is a fast-response probe with a superior potential-dependent fluorescence response. The response is fast enough to detect transient (sub-millisecond) potential changes in excitable cells and generates a signal change in excess of 25% per 100 mV.

PowerLoad™ and Background Suppressor Solutions Also Included
For easy cell loading, the FluoVolt™ Membrane Potential Kit contains PowerLoad™ Concentrate. Due to the unique nature of the PowerLoad™ solution, it can be used in the presence of complete culture media, thus reducing the negative effects of replacing media or loading in serum-free media.

Baseline autofluorescence caused by components within growth media can be greatly reduced by the addition of the included Neuro Background Supressor. This solution has been specifically formulated for use with neuronal cells and will not cause osmotic shock. Additionally, the Neuro Background Suppressor has been used successfully with many different cell types to efficiently suppress background fluorescence without sacrificing the specific cellular fluorescence generated in the assay.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Sub Cellular Localization: Cell Membranes & Lipids
Product Line: Molecular Probes®

Contents & storage

• 50 µL of FluoVolt™ Dye
• 500 µL of PowerLoad™ Concentrate
• 5 mL of Neuro Background Suppressor

Store at 2–8°C. Do not freeze.