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GS Omni Analyzer

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Cement, Coal, Minerals

The Thermo Scientific™ GS Omni Analyzer for unique light element analysis in slurry process streams.

The Thermo Scientific GS Omni provides accurate, real-time elemental analysis of multiple slurry streams for both light and heavy elements. Using the Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis (PGNAA) technique, the GS Omni has a distinct advantage over analyzers using X-ray Fluorescence by being able to measure elements lower than calcium on the periodic table. This elemental analyzer will enable improvements in product quality, recovery and lower production costs.
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The Thermo Scientific GS Omni is the latest development of a proven, robust, analyzer that provides direct simultaneous analysis of multiple elements in slurry beneficiation plants. The analyser is available in configurations of 1 to 8 streams. The optimum number of streams is usually dependent on the stream concentrations, elements of interest, required cycle analysis time, plant layout and process control considerations.
The GS Omni has the following benefits:
  • As distinct from the common XRF technique, most light elements can be measured
  • The PGNAA technique is not affected by variations in particle size (up to 5mm) - due to the high penetration of neutron and gamma rays
  • Scintillation Detectors do not require cooling
  • Factory calibrated and requiring only infrequent site checks/maintenance with supplied reference standards
  • When used with a representative primary sampler (e.g., SamStat-30C) the multiplexer can be used for near metallurgical quality. This presents an opportunity for cost saving on duplication of sampling systems
  • Accepts multiple streams when using an optional multiplexer
  • Factory calibrated for slurry applications
Analyzes a range of elements in:
  • Iron Ore flotation and Iron Ore wet magnetic seperation - S, Si and Al
  • Phosphate flotation - P, Ca and Si as well as various other light elelment applications in Sulphide Gold and Base Metal flotation