Pro-Q™ Emerald 488 Glycoprotein Gel and Blot Stain Kit

Catalog number:  P21875

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Protein Electrophoresis & Western Blotting

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Pro-Q Emerald 488 Glycoprotein Stain provides direct detection of glycoproteins in gels and on blots. Gel staining is rapid and very sensitive. Pro-Q Emerald glycoprotein stain reacts with periodate-oxidized carbohydrate groups, creating a bright green-fluorescent signal on glycoproteins. The staining procedure requires only three steps: fixation, oxidation, and staining—no reduction step is required. Depending on the nature and degree of glycosylation, the Pro-Q Emerald 488 stain allows the detection of as little as 4 ng of a glycoprotein per band in gels, making this stain about 50 times more sensitive than the standard periodic acid–Schiff base method using acidic fuchsin dye. Signal can be visualized with visible light with wavelengths near its 510 nm excitation maximum.

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This stain can be combined with general protein stains (for example SYPRO Ruby) for dichromatic detection of glycoproteins and total proteins in gel and on blots.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Detection Location: In-Blot Detection, In-Gel Detection
Detection Method: Fluorescent
Label or Dye: Pro-Q® Emerald 488
Product Line: PRO-Q®
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
Target Molecule: Proteins (Glycoproteins)