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pHrodo™ Red AM Intracellular pH Indicator

Catalog number:  P35372

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pHrodo Red AM Intracellular pH Indicator is a novel fluorogenic probe used to measure intracellular pH in live cells. pHrodo Red is weakly fluorescent at neutral pH but increasingly fluorescent as the pH drops. This reagent can quantify cellular cytosolic pH in the range of 9-4 with a pKa of ~6.5 with excitation/emission of 560/585 nm. pHrodo Red is photostable and appropriate for use in multiplexing experiments with green fuorophores such as GFP, FITC, and Alexa Fluor 488.

This pHrodo Red dye has been modified with AM ester groups, which results in an uncharged molecule that can permeate cell membranes. Once inside the cell, the lipophilic blocking groups are cleaved by nonspecific esterases, resulting in a compound that is retained within the intracellular space. Fluorescence intensity of the probe is then an indicator of intracellular pH. Subsequent use of the Intracellular pH Calibration Buffer Kit (Cat. No. P35379) allows this intracellular pH to be quantified.

pHrodo Red AM Intracellular pH Indicator is compatible with various platforms, such as traditional fluorescence microscopy, high content screening (HCS), flow cytometry, and microplate-based fluorimetry or high throughput screening (HTS). This reagent is also compatible with various benchtop instruments such as the Evos, FLoid, Tali, and Attune instruments.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Cell Permeability: Cell-Permeant
Detection Method: Fluorescent
Emission: Visible
Excitation: Visible
Excitation/Emission: 560⁄585
For Use With (Equipment): Fluorescence Microscope, Flow Cytometer, Fluorometer, High Content Instrument
Form: Liquid
Indicator Properties: Fluorescent Dye-Based
Product Line: pHrodo™
Solubility: DMSO (Dimethylsulfoxide)
Sub Cellular Localization: Cytoplasm
Color: Orange

Contents & storage

Store at 2–8°C, dessicated and protected from light.