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Pierce™ Premium Grade TCEP-HCl

Catalog number:  PG82089

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Thermo Scientific Pierce Premium Grade TCEP-HCl is our highest quality formulation of this disulfide reducing agent, specially characterized for applications where product integrity and risk minimization are paramount.

Features of Premium Grade TCEP-HCl:

TCEP—a thiol-free, odorless yet potent reducing agent for cleaving disulfide bonds
High quality—identity and purity confirmed by several tests, including quantitative NMR
Product integrity—enhanced level of testing and characterization compared to standard grade
Lot retention—ample supply of past lots retained to ensure future process testing
Change management—Change Control Notification (CCN) service
Consistent manufacture—batch-specific manufacturing documentation review

Compared to the standard grade product, Premium Grade TCEP-HCl provides more clearly defined quality and product support by including (a) increased analytical testing and product characterization, (b) greater batch-specific information and quality assurance review, (c) extensive lot sample retention and (d) change control notification. TCEP-HCl is pure, crystalline Tris(2-carboxyethyl)phosphine hydrochloride, a thiol-free compound that is highly effective at reducing protein and peptide disulfide bonds, as well as being odorless and stable. TCEP selectively and completely reduces even the most stable water-soluble alkyl disulfides over a wide pH range.

Advantages of TCEP-HCl over other reducing agents:
Odorless—Unlike DTT or BME, TCEP is odor-free, so reductions can be carried out conveniently on the bench top.
Stable in air—The inherent stability of the TCEP moiety eliminates the need for any special precautions to avoid oxidation when handling, using or storing TCEP.
Efficient—For most applications, 5 to 50 mM TCEP provides sufficient molar excess to effectively reduce peptide or protein disulfide bonds within a few minutes at room temperature.
Compatible—With TCEP, removal of the reducing agent is not necessary prior to most applications, (e.g. histidine-tagged protein purification, maleimide conjugations).

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Pierce™ TCEP-HCl
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Product Line: Pierce™

Contents & storage

Upon receipt store product at room temperature in sealed container to prevent oxidation. Product is shipped at ambient temperature.