Hoechst 33342 Ready Flow™ Reagent

Catalog number:  R37165

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Cell Analysis

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Hoechst 33342 Ready Flow™ Reagent is a bright, easy-to-use cell-permeant stain for cell cycle analysis on a flow cytometer. This dye emits blue fluorescence when bound to double-stranded DNA with an emission maximum at 461 nm.

• Stable at room temperature
• Convenient, ready-to-use format—no need to dilute, weigh, or pipette
• Cell-permeable and effective in fixed and live-cell staining for cell cycle

Hoechst 33342 Ready Flow Reagent is a cell-permeable, blue fluorescent DNA stain for cell cycle analysis. Add 2 drops from the dropper bottle directly into 1 x 106 cells, incubate, and analyze.

Hoechst 33342 reagent binds preferentially to adenine-thymine regions of double-stranded DNA. This dye binds into the minor grooves of DNA and exhibits distinct fluorescence emission spectra that are dependent on dye:base pair ratios. Hoechst 33342 Ready Flow Reagent is excited by UV light and has peak emission at 460 nm.


Cell Permeability: Cell-Permeant
Excitation/Emission: 361⁄497
Product Line: Ready Flow™
Sub Cellular Localization: Nucleus
Color: Blue

Contents & storage

2 dropper bottles, store at room temperature