Thermo Scientific™

SOLA II Sulfur Online Analyzer

Perform total sulfur analysis on liquid hydrocarbon fuel process streams with the Thermo Scientific™ SOLA II Sulfur Online Analyzer. This proven field sulfur analyzer addresses the need for a low-maintenance total sulfur analysis instrument that can reliably measure low ppm levels to help customers meet the tightening, Tier 3, regulatory requirements that limit sulfur levels in fuels. The SOLA II uses the low-maintenance pulsed ultraviolet fluorescence (PUVF) detector with the proven Pyrolysis system for measuring total sulfur content in gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and jet fuel.

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Key Features:

  • Offers an online adaption of ASTM D5453
  • Full product suite for a wide range of radiation detection needs.
  • Full scale measurement range are from 0 to 5 ppm/wt to 0 to 9000 ppm/wt detection limits as low as 0.25 ppm
  • Automatic stream switching is also available for dual-stream or quad-stream applications
  • Sample combustion uses air only, no pure oxygen is required
  • Longer life and better low detectable limits than non-pulsed UV systems
  • Low consumables
  • Low maintenance
  • Continuous sample injection
  • Easy operation
  • Low sulfur in fuels measurement needs met now and in the future

Analog Outputs:

  • 4-20mÅ DC for each stream (optional)

Alarm Outputs - One Global Dry Contact Triggered by One or More of the Following:

  • Low sample flow alarm (optional)
  • Low detector flow alarm
  • Oven/Pyrolyzer temperature fault
  • Injection valve fault
  • Purge failure
  • Calibration fault
  • Detector temperature fault
  • Detector lamp voltage fault
  • One out of service dry contact triggered by: analyzer in calibration or suspension of analyzer

Analog Inputs:

  • Optional 4-20mÅ DC inputs from density meter for automatic density compensation of ppm S (w/w)
  • Optional 4-20mÅ DC input from sample flowmeter

Digital Data Communications:

Dual channel with the following optional configurations:

  • RS-232 Modbus & RS-485 Modbus
  • Dual channel RS-485 Modbus
  • TCP/IP encapsulated Modbus & RS-485 Modbus

SOLA II Modbus Remote Interface:

  • Complete remote control of SOLA
  • Automatic logging of analysis results and analyzer parameters
  • Communication to SOLA II via serial or TCP/IP encapsulated Modbus enables remote diagnostics via modem

SOLA Web Remote Interface:

  • Complete remote control of SOLA
  • Ability to download 24 hours of analysis results and analyzer parameters
  • Communication to SOLA II via local area network (TCP/IP) enables remote diagnostics via modem

Local MMI (Man Machine Interface):

  • Status of all analyzer parameters (e.g., furnace & oven temperatures, PMT and lamp voltage, detector flow rate, etc.) and analytical results available on front mounted displays
  • Push button menu access
  • Hazardous area classification remains intact while operating local display

Recommended for:

  • Diesel
  • Gasoline
  • Kerosene
  • Jet Fuel
  • Naptha
  • Natural Gas
  • Refinery Fuel Gas
  • LPGs