Thermo Scientific™

SOLA iQ On-line Sulfur Analyzer

Determine the total sulfur concentration in liquid or gas phase samples to ensure process optimization, maximize profitability, and maintain regulatory compliance with the Thermo Scientific™ SOLA iQ On-line Sulfur Analyzer. Utilizing unique Pulsed Ultraviolet Fluorescence (PUVF) technology and the proven Pyrolysis system, the SOLA iQ analyzer builds on the success of the SOLA II range of total sulfur analyzers with an install base of thousands of units for measuring total sulfur concentration at the world’s leading oil & gas companies.
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The SOLA iQ On-line Sulfur Analyzer replaces expensive and time consuming laboratory sampling for measuring total sulfur concentration in refinery products including gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and jet fuel as well as many process gas samples such as Natural Gas, NGL and SynGas. The SOLA iQ analyzer offers an online adaption of ASTM D5453, D6313, D6222 & ISO 20846.
  • Measurement ranges from 2ppm to100%
  • Limits of detection as low as 25ppb
  • Intuitive color touchscreen user interface
  • Pure O2 is not required, eliminating the risks associated with oxygen use in a process environment
  • Semi-continuous operation; change in sulfur concentration indicated at every injection cycle
  • Automatic density compensation for ppm sulfur wt/wt measurements
  • Easy access for maintenance and >99%uptime
  • Continuous control of UV light intensity ensures calibration is maintained over a long period of time
SOLA iQ Applications
Clean Fuels
The superior stability and precision of the SOLA iQ enables refiners to make timely process adjustments to enhance the economic efficiency of desulfurization and fuel blending operations.
  • SOLA iQ Liquid & SOLA iQ Liquid Trace
Flare Gas & Condensable Vapors
The highly accurate SOLA iQ Flare analyzer features a dynamic measuring range from 10 ppm to 100% S by volume with fast high-to-low response time, enabling reliable flare stack sulfur emission reporting.
  • SOLA iQ Condensible Vapors (CV)
  • SOLA iQ Condensible Vapors (CV) Trace
  • SOLA iQ Flare
The SOLA iQ analyzer enables multiple streams of different sulfur concentrations (i.e., batch processing, inlet/outlet of reactors, etc.) to be measured by a single analyzer.
  • SOLA iQ Liquid
  • SOLA iQ Vapor
  • SOLA iQ Condensible Vapors (CV)
  • SOLA iQ Flare
  • SOLA iQ Trace