Thermo Scientific™

Spectra 300 S/TEM for Semiconductors

As the fastest and most reliable instrument in its class, the Thermo Scientific™ Spectra 300 Scanning/Transmission Electron Microscope (S/TEM) provides unprecedented performance for the study of semiconductor materials and semiconductor failure analysis. Insight regarding advanced products, such as 7 nm or smaller node devices, is now within your grasp thanks to the unique combination of high-brightness field emission gun (X-FEG) and easy-to-use software. With its ability to generate fast EDS maps (without any loss of spatial resolution), as well as electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) and low-kV analysis, this is the ideal high-end S/TEM solution for industrial applications.

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Key Benefits:

Unprecedented performance

Answer challenging questions in the advanced production of semiconductor devices, such as 7 nm or smaller node devices.

High-brightness FEG

Two high-brightness FEG options; the standard high-brightness field emission gun (X-FEG) or the optional high-brightness cold field emission gun (XCFEG). The X-FEG is suited for optimal performance, while the XCFEG is designed for ease-of-use (facilitating STEM, EELS and low-kV analysis).

Ease of use

With a robust suite of software and hardware tools designed to improve the user experience, the Spectra 300 S/TEM ensures efficient analysis and high productivity.