SureLock™ Tandem Midi Sponge Kit

Catalog number:  STM2002

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This kit contains eight replacement sponge pads for wet-transfer of midi gels using the SureLock Tandem Midi Blot Module.

About the SureLock Tandem Midi Blot Module
The SureLock Tandem Midi Blot Module is a wet transfer device used exclusively with the SureLock Tandem Midi Gel Tank. The tank accommodates one blot module per chamber, or two blot modules total. The SureLock Tandem Midi Blot Module is compatible with all Invitrogen midi gels (blot size: 8.5 cm x 14 cm). The blot module accommodates one midi gel per wet transfer. The unique design make the module easy to use, while the efficient size of the inner core uses less transfer buffer per transfer (only ~300 mL per transfer). Since transfer buffer contains methanol, this also results in less hazardous waste requireing special disposal. At the recommended conditions and constant voltage, proteins can be transferred to nitrocellulose or PVDF membranes in 30 minutes and at room temperature.
For Research Use  Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Quantity: 1
Warranty: 1 year
For Use With: SureLock Tandem Midi Blot Module (STM2001)
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature