Thermo Scientific™

Talos™ F200i for Materials Science

The Thermo Scientific™ Talos™ F200i S/TEM is a 20-200 kV field emission (scanning) transmission electron microscope uniquely designed for performance and productivity across a wide range of Materials Science samples and applications. Its standard X-Twin pole piece gap—giving the highest flexibility in applications—combined with a reproducibly performing electron column opens opportunities for high-resolution 2D and 3D characterization, in situ dynamic observations, and diffraction applications.
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More Materials Science on one flexible tool

Designed for multi-user and multi-discipline environments, the Talos F200i S/TEM is also ideal for novice users. It is equipped with the Thermo Scientific™ Velox™ user interface, which is immediately familiar since it is shared across all Thermo Scientific TEM platforms. All TEM daily tunings have been automated to provide the best and most reproducible setup. This automation eases the learning curve for novice operators, reduces tensions in a multi-user environment, and improves time-to-data for the experienced operator. A side-entry retractable Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS) detector can be added to the configuration to enable chemical analysis.

Compact design

The smaller footprint and dimensions of the Talos F200i facilitate accommodation of this tool in more challenging spaces. In addition, this compact design eases access for service needs while also reducing infrastructure and support costs.

Productivity for all users

To further enhance productivity, especially in multi-user, multi-material environments, the constant-power objective lenses, low-hysteresis design, and remote operation with SmartCam allow for straightforward reproducible mode and high-tension switches. The Talos F200i S/TEM also features educational online help. Simply pressing F1 with the mouse hovering over a control panel quickly opens relevant information.