pAc5.1/V5-His A, B, & C Vectors

Catalog number:  V411020

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Protein Expression

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pAC5.1/V5-His vectors are designed for use in Drosophila cells to achieve high-level transient expression of recombinant proteins. The vector offers the strong, constitutive promoter from the Drosophila actin 5C gene. The pAC5.1/V5-His vectors can be used with the DES™-Inducible Kits (K512001 and K412001) for constitutive expression of your protein of interest. The pAc5.1/V5-His vectors also offer the following features:

• Small size (5.4 kb) to improve DNA yields and increase subcloning efficiency
• C-terminal V5 epitope tag for rapid detection with Invitrogens Anti-V5 Antibody
• C-terminal 6xHis tag for simple purification of recombinant fusion proteins using nickel-chelating resin

To facilitate cloning, a set of three vectors-A, B, and C-is provided. Each vector has the multiple cloning site in a different reading frame relative to the coding sequence of the C-terminal tag.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Promoter: pAC5
Vector: pAC
Form: Lyophilized
Protein Tag: His Tag (6x), V5 Epitope Tag
Cloning Method: Restriction Enzyme ⁄ MCS

Contents & storage

Contains 20 µg each of lyophilized pAc5.1/V5-His A, B, C and pAc5.1/V5-His/LacZ.
Store at -20°C. All components are guaranteed stable for 6 months when properly stored.