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Recipe (hxrecipe)

Recipes (.hxrecipe) are only available on Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms. Avizo, Amira and PerGeos allow for the creation of user-defined recipes to automate the execution of a series of modules. Recipes facilitate the application of high-level workflows such as filtering, segmentation, and the extraction of user-defined statistics from an image. Recipes integrate your knowledge and make it available for other users as push button solutions.

In Amira and Avizo, a dedicated workroom is available to create, edit, and execute recipes. The workroom can be launched by selecting the Recipes icon located on the Workroom Toolbar. The workroom consists of three panels: an instance of the common 3D Viewer, a dedicated Recipes panel presenting the sequence of steps in a list, and the Properties panel showing the module properties of the current step. In PerGeos, a recipe panel is available at all time. The recipe panel is the same as the one exposed in the Amira or Avizo workroom.

Avizo, Amira and PerGeos will load all recipes found in the standard recipe folder of your home directory. By default, this folder is located at %APPDATA%/Thermo Fisher Scientific/Recipes. You can click the 'Load Recipe' button from the recipe panel to load recipes available in the Xtra archive. You can then fill in the necessary recipe inputs before running the recipe.

In Avizo and Amira, it is also possible to simply use the recipe in a regular pool module, using the recipe player module. This module allows playing a recipe as a module. The outputs of this module are the results produced by the recipe. To create a recipe player module, right click in the pool panel and select 'create object', then click on the template directory and select recipe player. The recipe port of the module allows selecting the .hxrecipe available in the Xtra to load it in the player. You can then fill in the necessary recipe inputs before running the recipe by clicking the apply button.