13 May 2022

High Content Screening Plate Manager

Load, visualize, and process multi-channel fields from Thermo Scientific CellInsight CX5, CX7 LED, and CX7 LZR HCA instruments and HCS Studio software.


This Xtra contains a module to browse High Content Screening data provided as a folder containing DIB files (the native image format for the HCS Studio software).

The module recognizes the plates and fields present in the folder, and provides several options:

  • Loading individual fields as multi-channel volumes.
  • Loading and processing an individual field using a recipe. 
  • Loading and stitching all fields from one specific well as one whole multi-channel volume. 
  • Processing all fields of a plate in batch using a recipe. All wells and fields are processed independently from each other.

The Xtra also provides additional modules for generating multichannel recipes (ChannelSelector module), and applying a recipe to a list of files (BatchApply_RecipePlayer module).

A small example dataset containing two fields is provided in the archive, as well as two simple recipes which will help you design your own.

To get started, right-click in the Project View and create the 'HCS Plate Manager' module.