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Pursue life without cancer

We believe this generation holds the key to transforming the future of cancer care, by pioneering improvements in early detection, accurate diagnosis, meaningful prognosis, and more effective treatments. 

That’s why we are committed to accelerating cancer research and the pursuit of life without cancer–a goal we share with you, the research and medical community.

Featured cancer research applications

The key to fighting cancer through better therapeutics is a deep understanding of the basic biology of this disease at a cellular and molecular level.  We are committed to providing the widest selection of tools for cancer research, with the highest quality for every budget, to help you reach your next breakthrough.

Discover changes in cancer cell signaling pathways and cellular processes with solutions that will help you navigate from genotype to phenotype.

Media, FBS, and cell culture reagents to grow cancer cell lines, spheroids, and organoids.

Transfection solutions for cancer cells, including validated cancer cell specific protocols for the most researched cancer cells.

Discover and monitor changes in gene regulation.

Comprehensively analyze cancer mutations in specific tumors or cancer cell lines using sequencing and real-time PCR systems.

Use mass spectrometry as part of a multidisciplinary approach to analyze the proteome and view cancer as a system rather than an ensemble of molecules, linking genotype to phenotype.

Uncover RNA signatures that provide new insights in the identification, characterization, and progression of cancer subtypes.

Featured cancer research sample preparation solutions

Isolate, activate and/or expand native and memory T cells, T cell clones, regulatory T cells, NKT cells and CTLs from mouse and human samples.

Isolate nucleic acids from cancer related samples such as tissue & FFPE samples.

Discover new miRNA and protein biomarkers from exosomes.

Isolate peptides, proteins, and protein complexes directly from your cancer sample for further analysis.

Clinical centrifuges for in vitro diagnostic use

Designed for solid reliability and quiet operation, our comprehensive range of clinical solutions (certified for in vitro diagnostic use) fit in your lab with their compact footprints with throughput from 1.5mL to 50mL sample tubes, microplates and 10mL syringes.

For effective, efficient preparation and processing of clinical samples, see this comprehensive range of centrifuges and rotors in action or download our application note.

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