Jan 21, 2018 - Jan 25, 2018
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MSACL 2017

Missed our workshop? Ana Grenier from Dominion Diagnostics  presented on how they reduced drug testing reimbursement challenges in their lab. Download the FREE presentation here.

Can you reduce drug testing reimbursement challenges? A case study using HRMS for simultaneous analyte screening and quantitation

  • Speaker: Ana Grenier, Ph.D.
  • Dominion Diagnostics, 211 Circuit Drive, North Kingstown, RI

Continuing to manage healthcare cost constraints and monitoring therapy adherence and abstinence from non-prescribed drugs are important aspects to consider when physicians prescribe drugs with the potential of misuse, abuse, and addiction. Typically, drug monitoring is performed by screening urine using an immunoassay technique, and confirmed by mass spectrometry methodologies (GC/MS or LC MS/MS). Innovations in mass spectrometry technologies, such as resolution power, have made possible to improve the accuracy of testing in the clinical research market.

Here, we present the clinical research evaluation for the simultaneous screening for analytes of interest and to quantify 47 drugs in urine by Liquid Chromatography-High Resolution Mass Spectrometry utilizing the Q Exactive instrument. In this case study, the cleavage of drug glucuronide conjugates IMCSzyme® was selected because of its non-selective hydrolysis capabilities over a wide range of drugs. By combining the high resolution capabilities of the Q Exactive instrument with the high rate of hydrolysis of the IMCSzyme® it was possible to decrease sample analysis cost while increasing accuracy and the number of analytes screened and quantified on a single injection.

Scientific posters featured at MSACL 2017

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