Sample preparation and TEM imaging techniques for advanced power devices

Power Semiconductor On-Demand Webinar

Compound semiconductors like SiC and GaN are increasingly attractive for their ability to operate at higher voltages, currents, and frequencies, especially in power and RF devices. However, fabricating wafers using these compounds can be challenging and can adversely impact manufacturing yield and costs. Where identifying traditional defects in the device still exist, a new challenge is locating and characterizing crystalline dislocations in substrates.

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This webinar utilizes real-world use cases to discuss defects in devices and crystalline dislocations in substrates, cross-section and TEM lamella focused ion beam sample preparation, and the performance advantages of ion sources other than Ga+. We also dive into the complexities and crucial requirements associated with (S)TEM analysis.


You’ll discover that sample preparation and TEM elemental analysis not only serve as powerful tools for identifying and root causing defects but are essential for acquiring insights to inform and enhance manufacturing processes.


Who should watch?

  • Power semiconductor manufacturers, defect analysis and failure analysis engineers, managers, directors, failure analysis lab managers
  • Substrate manufacturers, failure analysis engineers, managers, directors, failure analysis lab managers
  • Compound semiconductor researchers

What will you learn?

  • Methods for identifying and root causing defects in power devices and substrates
  • Techniques to improve cross-section and TEM lamella quality
  • The performance advantages of alternative ion sources such as argon and xenon
  • Key TEM analysis techniques for analyzing advanced power devices and materials.

Webinar speakers:

Dr. Adam Stokes, Product Marketing Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Dr. Jared Johnson, Product Specialist at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Webinar Moderator:

Dr. Richard Stevenson, Webinar Moderator and Editor of Compound Semiconductor Magazine