Today cellomics is recognized as a discipline of quantitative cell analysis that is also known as high-content screening (HCS) or high-content analysis (HCA). HCA comprises a powerful combination of fluorescence microscopy, image processing, automated cellular measurements and informatics tools that has enabled fundamental discoveries in biological research. In 1996, Cellomics Inc. was founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA to exploit technology from Carnegie-Mellon University and produce instruments, software and reagents for use in drug discovery applications. That legacy is now part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, with hundreds of instruments in use worldwide and close to 1,000 peer-reviewed publications. Follow the links to learn more about products and services from Thermo Fisher Scientific that build on the cellomics legacy.

Products and services

High-content screening/analysis

Thermo Scientific™ High-Content Analysis instrument platforms, reagents, and software for cellular and systems biology research and drug discovery efforts.

High-content instrument platforms

Thermo Scientific™ ArrayScan™ and CellInsight™ high-content platforms offer choices for automated quantitative cell imaging and live-cell and tissue imaging.

High-content analysis reagents

Molecular Probes® HCS products are developed using Thermo Scientific™ High-Content Platforms with special considerations for the high-throughput workflow and automated imaging.

High-content analysis software

HCS Studio™ Cell Analysis Software is designed with intuitive interfaces to deliver meaningful, dynamic HCS measurements at the cell-, well- and field-level.