Forge an innovative path towards a cure by tapping into our decades of experience in delivering gene therapy solutions that can help you navigate obstacles and challenges. Our end-to-end solutions, high quality products and unrivaled services are here to support you at every step of the way, from gene therapy research to gene therapy commercialization.


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Producing safe, effective, and reproducible gene therapies can be more complicated than meets the eye. Success within this complex space requires a partner with knowledge and connections to help you overcome obstacles and accelerate your research and therapeutic production processes.   Download our brochure to learn more about our end-to-end gene therapy workflow solutions.


Artist's rendition of adeno-associated viruses as part of gene therapy manufacturing

Progress with scalable AAV vectors

Connect to the innovative solutions designed to accelerate your AAV-based therapy projects and optimize your AAV vector development and manufacturing workflows. We offer solutions and expertise ranging from plasmid development and production to fill and finish options.

AAV Production Workflow

Progress with scalable Lentiviral Vectors

Accelerate the development of your gene-modified cell therapies and gene therapies by connecting to solutions that span your entire lentivirus workflow. From superior products and services to expertise for every phase, explore the solutions that help you develop breakthrough lentivirus gene therapies.

LV Production Workflow

Artist's rendition of lentivirus particles as part of gene therapy research
Two scientists developing viral vectors for gene therapy

Connect to CDMO viral vector solutions

Our deep technical and analytical expertise helps ensure quality and compliance while operating with transparency and flexibility. Connect to a viral vector CDMO partner with over 20 years of experience developing processes and producing cGMP viral vectors.

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Advance your RNA and DNA therapeutics

Our range of high-quality raw materials are designed to optimize your oligonucleotide and mRNA synthesis, helping you progress from development to manufacturing and commercialization. Connect to a partner that will help you reach your nucleic acid therapeutics development goals.

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Manufacturing scientist in full PPE supporting gene therapy commercialization
Scientist conducting documentation is support of gene therapy research

Connect every phase of your gene therapy development

Our goal is to support you at every stage of your development process, connecting you to gene therapy manufacturing solutions. We can provide regulatory support and documentation, custom gene therapy products and services and scale-up assistance to help you reach your gene therapy goals.

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Ensure safe and accurate product

Find out how we can connect you to the latest, cutting-edge technology that helps ensure quality, safety and accuracy to meet your in-process and lot release testing needs.

Contaminant and Impurity QC Testing

Scientist removing tubes from centrifuge in a gene therapy research lab
Gene therapy vials being pulled from -80C freezer in support of gene therapy commercialization

Connect to clinical trial assistance and cold chain logistics

Protect your irreplaceable gene therapy materials by connecting to expert advice and optimized solutions for transporting, storing, and handling specialized biological samples and material, from ambient to ultra-low temperatures.

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Connect to innovations in gene therapy

Gibco Viral Vector HEK Media Panel

Gibco Viral Vector HEK Media Panel

The Gibco Viral Vector HEK Media Panel provides a diverse offering of media to help accelerate gene therapy development and production. The media panel can be used for a broad range of HEK293 cells, and is not dependent on specific transfection reagents or specific techniques. As a result, the ready-to-use format can help with identifying an optimal formulation for your target cell line that is optimized for higher titers and is scalable.

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POROS CaptureSelect AAVX Affinity Resin

POROS CaptureSelect AAVX Affinity Resin

POROS CaptureSelect AAVX Affinity Resin is engineered to address the high selectivity and capacity requirements for large-scale downstream purification of a broad range of naturally occurring and synthetic adeno-associated virus (AAV) serotypes used for gene therapy applications. It has demonstrated binding reactivity towards a set of AAV serotypes that includes AAV1 to AAV8, and AAVrh10 as well as synthetic serotypes.

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