TrueMark MSI Analysis Software

Automated calling of MSI markers and samples

The Applied Biosystems TrueMark MSI Analysis Software is designed specifically for the TrueMark MSI Assay to enable greater ease of analysis and reporting.  

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Simple, automated software for MSI analysis using the TrueMark MSI Assay

TrueMark MSI Analysis Software is a desktop-based application that takes the fragment analysis files from the TrueMark MSI Assay generated on the SeqStudio or 3500 Series genetic analyzers and provides an easy-to-interpret analysis and report of the results. The software provides experimental QC measurements that allow users to quickly determine which samples provided accurate data and which should to be rerun. In addition, the software returns the stability state of each of the loci analyzed, as well as a microsatellite instability (MSI) call that considers all the loci. Finally, TrueMark MSI Analysis Software makes use of an extensive collection of normal samples to calibrate the range of normal lengths observed at these loci. This information can be used to analyze samples without the need to run normal control samples concurrently. This groundbreaking feature helps reduce the amount of time, material, and cost typically required for MSI analysis.

Features of the TrueMark MSI Analysis Software include:

  • Automated calling of markers and samples
  • Straightforward QC and review steps
  • Simple review of individual specimens and batches
  • Easy workflow for selecting markers to include in analysis and making manual calls when needed
  • Fast export of results into multiple formats (PDF, CSV, VCF)
  • Compatible with Oncomine Reporter to produce clear and concise reports that summarize relevant biomarkers with information from targeted therapies, guidelines, and global clinical trials

SeqStudio Flex users need to download the MSI software and a software patch. If you already have the MSI software only the patch is required.  

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.