Clinical Microbiology Workflow
Streamline your clinical microbiology operations with solutions at every step

Diagnose infections quickly and accurately for better patient care with powerful manual and automated technologies, and a comprehensive line of media and clinical diagnostic products. Backed by more than 150 years of combined technical and scientific expertise, Thermo Fisher Scientific™ is the partner of choice for today’s leading microbiology laboratories. 

Collection & Transport

Set your laboratory up for success by choosing from a comprehensive offering of collection and transport systems designed to ensure the delivery of healthy and viable organisms.

  • Collection and transport 
  • Fecal transport
  • Parasitology collection containers

Specimen Processing

Maximize your pre-analytical processing with an extensive prepared media portfolio, plus high quality stains and reagents for optimal automated and manual lab productivity.

  • Automated specimen processing 
  • Culture media
  • Stains and reagents

Detection & Screening

Facilitate early diagnosis of sepsis, control the spread of HAIs and improve patient care with powerful, versatile and cost-effective detection and screening.

  • Mycobacteria systems
  • Chromogenic media plates


Find accurate, simple, rapid and convenient solutions for your organism identification needs, all in one place.


Optimize workflows and fight antimicrobial resistance with customizable and robust antimicrobial susceptibility testing systems fit for laboratories of all sizes.

  • Automated AST
  • Manual AST plates
  • Manual AST disks

Quality Control

Put your trust in quality control methods and products backed by over 30 years of expertise for reproducible results and consistent microbiology testing.

  • QC organisms

Laboratory Supplies

Streamline procurement and complement your test program with a complete range of supplies, from loops and needles to environmental systems, to support the entire clinical workflow.

  • Loops and needles
  • Atmosphere generation systems
  • Laboratory consumables
  • Biochemical reagents