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Accelerate your diagnostic development using our state of the art custom services and open instrument platforms. With many years of experience partnering with life science, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical companies, our goal is to assist you in achieving a smooth and timely transition from research to assay development and validation. Whether you need recommendations for appropriate systems and reagents, or help developing and commercializing your companion diagnostics (CDx) tests, we have the expertise and technology to help translate your clinical research into diagnostic tests.

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Reagents, software, and instruments for assay manufacturers to develop diagnostic tests.

Partnership program to develop and commercialize CDx tests with pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

You perform a variety of luminescence-, colorimetry-, and fluorescence-based plate assays, and we offer diverse, specialized, and tested products for each. Browse for immunoassay plates featuring surfaces designed for passive binding, covalent coupling, and affinity capture, in several physical formats.

Store your valuable reagents properly to reduce contamination and waste, and minimize risk to critical processes and experiments. Our laboratory bottles are manufactured from the highest quality resins with low levels of extractables, specifically for pharmaceutical, food, and consumer product research applications.

Partnership programme to accelerate product commercialization incorporating Dynabeads specialist technical knowledge and resources.

Clinical centrifuges for in vitro diagnostic use
Clinical centrifuges

Designed for solid reliability and quiet operation, our comprehensive range of clinical solutions (certified for in vitro diagnostic use) fit in your lab with their compact footprints with throughput from 1.5mL to 50mL sample tubes, microplates and 10mL syringes.

For effective, efficient preparation and processing of clinical samples, see this comprehensive range of centrifuges and rotors in action or download our application note.

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