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Condition disease diagnostics categories

As the world leader in in vitro allergy diagnostics, our mission is to dramatically improve the management of allergy, asthma, and autoimmune diseases by providing healthcare professionals with distinguished diagnostic technologies and clinical expertise.

Accurately screen patient blood glucose levels and for a variety of endocrine and metabolic diseases.

Conduct your hematology and coagulation/hemostasis testing with reliability and accuracy.

The CytoScan™ Dx Assay is the first IVD whole-genome diagnostic test to aid in identifying the underlying genetic cause of developmental delay, intellectual disability, congenital anomalies, or dysmorphic features in children.

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a complete line of HLA typing and antibody detection products, laboratory instrumentation, and computer software. Our products are used by transplant centers worldwide to determine the compatibility of donors and recipients pre-transplant, and post-transplant to detect the presence of antibodies that can lead to transplant rejection.

We offer IVD kits to determine the concentration of PCT (procalcitonin) in human serum and plasma to aid in sepsis risk assessment. 

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.