One Lambda Devyser Accept cfDNA Assay

After a solid organ transplant, monitoring levels of dd-cfDNA can provide valuable insights into the organ's health and function*. The OneLambda Devyser™ Accept™ cfDNA single-tube NGS assay is a non-invasive solution that helps provide precise and reliable results, to monitor cfDNA following kidney transplantation.

Assay key features and benefits

  • Highly sensitive: Enabling the detection of cfDNA at levels as low as 0.1%
  • Robust indel design: Utilizing 50 highly informative and population-independent indel markers, the assay detects and differentiates between two genetically distinct donors for each recipient
  • Unified workflow: Simplify your laboratory processes with a streamlined workflow for both screening and monitoring assays with less than 45 minutes hands-on time
  • Straightforward data analysis: The user-friendly, dedicated software simplifies data analysis and bioinformatics, and the built-in quality controls ensure confidence in results

What is the One Lambda Devyser Accept cfDNA Assay?

Minimally invasive and highly robust method for detecting dd-cfDNA

Accept cfDNA is an NGS assay designed to detect and analyze circulating dd-cfDNA in post-transplant human plasma samples. Its unique indel design allows for accurate results, reduces amplification and sequencing errors. Combined with an efficient workflow, Accept cfDNA is the ideal tool for post-transplant monitoring and provides early time to result when run in your own in house HLA lab.


How does the One Lambda Devyser Accept cfDNA Assay work?

Efficient workflow and reliable results for post-transplant monitoring

The One Lambda Devyser Accept cfDNA assay was developed in conjunction with a nephrologist to deliver efficiency and ease of use with minimal hands-on time. Labs can receive next-day results from sample to report allowing for timely results. Our dedicated software simplifies data analysis and bioinformatics capabilities, allowing for easy patient tracking in a single location. With the ability to import analyzed data into Histotrac, all information is consolidated, providing clear visibility of trends.


Fig. 1. Workflow.

Advanced molecular transplant monitoring solutions with the Devyser and Thermo Fisher Scientific partnership

The partnership between Devyser and Thermo Fisher Scientific combines expertise and resources to offer enhanced and cutting-edge molecular kidney transplant monitoring capabilities to transplant programs, HLA labs, and transplant clinicians. Backed by Thermo Fisher Scientific's robust commercial infrastructure, our collaboration ensures reliable, accurate, and high-quality testing solutions for healthcare providers worldwide.


Perform post-transplant monitoring with ease and condfidence using One Lambda Devyser Accept cfDNA


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