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The global understanding and practice of medicine is currently undergoing a revolutionary change. This shift to precision medicine means moving healthcare from a one-size-fits-all approach to a more targeted approach, where decisions are informed by each individual’s unique clinical, molecular, and lifestyle information. Working closely together with the precision medicine community, Thermo Fisher Scientific is helping advance this revolution in diagnosis and treatment. We leverage our global infrastructure and expertise to provide industry-leading capabilities, from population profiling to targeted therapeutics.


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Endeavor to Improve Patient Outcomes

Endeavor to Improve Patient Outcomes

Precision oncology using next-generation sequencing (NGS) accelerates targeted therapy treatment selection and improves patient outcomes. NGS is involved throughout the development continuum for targeted treatments – from translational research to companion diagnostics testing. Here, we share stories of how NGS technology has enabled personalized oncology to improve patient outcomes.

Precision Prescribing with Pharmacogenomics

Precision Prescribing with Pharmacogenomics

The University of Pittsburgh recently partnered with Thermo Fisher Scientific to establish a new Pharmacogenomics (PGx) Center of Excellence in the School of Pharmacy that aims to discover and validate medication response predictors in patients, overcome implementation barriers, and demonstrate the value of genetic testing to guide medication prescribing in routine clinical practice.

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Precision Medicine Creating Value for Everyone

We often hear about the impact that precision medicine will have on healthcare systems and how we personally manage our health. But what about those tasked with bringing precision medicine tests and treatments to the market? What are they doing, what challenges do they face, and how are they working with stakeholders within the wider healthcare ecosystem? Learn more about industry approaches in this report by Newsweek Vantage and sponsored by Bristol-Myers Squibb, Medidata and Thermo Fisher Scientific.


Precision Medicine Success Hinges on Widespread Adoption

Mainstream news headlines tout groundbreaking changes in how we treat cancer, but too few patients outside of the larger medical research centers have access to this level of care. How are leaders in the health care and life sciences industries working to cost-effectively deliver precision medicine to the masses within the next decade?

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Pharmacogenomics Improves Health System Performance: Economic Benefits and Key Decisions

Successful integrated health systems see value in bringing precision medicine to their patient populations. Progress starts in the laboratory. Discover the latest pharmacogenetics facts and trends in this white paper written by Bruce Quinn, Bruce Quinn Associates LLC.

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CAR-T Cell Therapy Testimonial:
Paul’s Story

When his lymphoma grew faster than expected, Paul Chae was treated with CAR-T cell therapy at Massachusetts General Hospital. This therapy represents a significant step forward in the development of immunotherapies - therapies that use a patient's own immune system to combat their disease.

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Why Community-Based Hospitals Are Bringing Next Generation Sequencing In-House

Learn how community hospitals are benefiting from in-house NGS in an article from Luca Quagliata, Ph.D., Thermo Fisher Global Head of Medical Affairs.

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