Clinical laboratories offering molecular diagnostic tests face ever-changing requirements and demands. To be responsive, laboratories need to have flexible solutions and options to suit their individual needs. We offer a comprehensive variety of instrument platforms, an expanding menu of optimized assays, and analysis and reporting software solutions—including IVD solutions and high-grade components, qualified content and workflows, and bioinformatics expertise and validation services that can help accelerate routine analysis of clinical research samples. With our portfolio of innovative tools to support improved workflows, and our focus on high-value diagnostics, we can partner with you to help achieve the best patient outcomes.

Sample-to-answer precision medicine content and solutions

To remain innovative and productive, laboratories need flexible solutions to meet their ever-changing needs. With our extensive range of assays and reagents optimized for use on our genetic analysis platforms, we offer sample-to-answer qualified solutions for a variety of areas in precision medicine. Whether you’re focused on pharmacogenomics analysis, pathogen detection, or inherited disease testing, we can help you implement the right solution for your lab.

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Your partner for molecular diagnostic development and commercialization

For customers looking to develop molecular diagnostics, our extensive range of assays, instruments, reagents, and analysis products enables rapid test development and commercialization. Whether you require an IVD-regulated genetic analysis system for a workflow; GMP-grade primers and probes for a diagnostic kit; or general-purpose reagents and equipment for the clinical laboratory, our partnering model allows you to compress your development timeline and maximize your return on investment.

Analytical validation consulting services for laboratory assays

Your lab is under constant pressure to expand the number of molecular tests offered while staying compliant with standards. Validating a workflow to meet those standards is one of the most critical steps prior to launching a new test—inefficient analytical validation can result in substantial delays. Our Analytical Validation Consulting service provides technical project management of your lab’s analytical validation, potentially reducing your overall time to launch by up to 75%.


FDA approved companion molecular diagnostics (CDx)

In the era of precision medicine, molecular profiling has become essential for the treatment of patients. Because CDx tests are designed to be paired with a specific drug or group of drugs, the development of a therapeutic and its companion diagnostic requires close collaboration with regulatory agencies. New and advancing technologies allow clinicians and laboratory professionals to rapidly gather therapy-relevant molecular information. We offer multiple solutions to aid in identifying patients eligible for treatment.