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The Ion Torrent Genexus System automates sample and library preparation, sequencing, analysis, and reporting. The Genexus Purification System and Genexus Integrated Sequencer with Genexus Software work together seamlessly, tracking sample information and results automatically through the process. This automated system reduces manual steps and facilitates quality data and quick reports.

Thermo Fisher Scientific also offers the Genexus Dx Integrated Sequencer, an easy and automated NGS solution for regulated lab environments and in vitro diagnostic (IVD) applications.

How does automated NGS work?

What is the end-to-end NGS workflow?

Figure 1: The Genexus System is two instruments connected by one software.

The end-to-end NGS workflow is performed by the Genexus System completing and automating NGS steps. The Genexus Purification System replaces sample prep by extracting and quantifying nucleic acids in about two or four hours. The Genexus Integrated Sequencer automates library prep, templating, and sequencing. The one ecosystem software links instruments to report and has been simplified for a lower learning curve. Data files can be exported for third party analytics or use Thermo Fisher analytic tools to generate customizable report formats based on guidelines, clinical trials, curated markers, and novel variants.

How is the Genexus System used by laboratory personnel and clinical researchers?

The Genexus System is used by clinical researchers, laboratory techs, and researchers to complete NGS assays. Learn from scientists, clinical researchers, and other laboratory personnel how to use automated workflows and the Genexus System.

Assays for the Genexus System

Our Ion AmpliSeq assays are sensitive and easy to implement for laboratory use. Assays come with primer pools.  Many assays come with bioinformatics and reporting mechanisms.

Figure 2. Oncology workflow on the Genexus System. 


Oncomine Solutions used with the Genexus System provide a complete NGS testing workflow from sample-to-report. The time to complete the workflow is comparable to other methods including IHC yet provides full genomic profiling. Multiple Oncomine assays are available on the Genexus System to assay key biomarkers found in multiple cancers.

Oncomine assays for a range of research applications:

  • Genomic profiling
  • Liquid biopsies
  • Hematological malignancies
  • Immuno-oncology

Find out more at Thermofisher.com/oncomine ›

Studying heritable diseases can be challenging. Ion AmpliSeq On-Demand panels allow you to build custom panels from over 5,000 pretested genes that are most relevant in research on inherited diseases, including hereditary cancer, primary immunodeficiency, hearing loss, muscular dystrophy, and more. This is a simplified method to bring NGS into a laboratory.

Sample prep to report Infectious disease workflow on the Genexus system.

Figure 4. Inherited disease research workflow 


Figure 5. Inherited disease clinical research areas covered by pretested genes for Ion AmpliSeq On-Demand panels

Ion AmpliSeq Designer Custom panel design tool

The Ion AmpliSeq Designer helps you obtain custom assays with minimal time and effort. This web tool leads you through the steps and choices to build custom primer panels.

To browse panels, visit ampliseq.com ›

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