The Genexus Integrated Sequencer is part of the two-instrument Genexus System

As a stand-alone instrument, the Ion Torrent Genexus Integrated Sequencer automates next-generation sequencing (NGS) library preparation, sequencing, and analysis. When paired with the Genexus Purification System, the two-instrument-plus-software system delivers a complete workflow solution. Through a combination of workflow automation, sequencing performance, and automated data analysis and reporting, the Genexus System brings the power of NGS to any lab without the need for extensive sequencing or bioinformatics expertise.



Simply load and go

Place the prepared nucleic acid plate into the Genexus Integrated Sequencer and the instrument will handle library preparation, template preparation, and sequencing.

Built in features drive reliable and reproducible results

The on-board sample tracking and barcoding system help you move quickly while minimizing errors.

Easily generate custom or pre-packaged reports

Intuitive Genexus software handles data analysis and reporting, allowing you to interpret the NGS results without bioinformatics expertise.

Setting up a sequencing run is fast and minimizes error