Maximize speed and hands-free productivity


Find Genexus Integrated Sequencer consumables and assays that make it easy to bring the power of NGS into any lab.


Designed to simplify the NGS workflow, consumables for the Genexus System include ready-to-load kits, chips, and packs.


All consumables contain barcodes which are part of a system designed to reduce the risk of setup and experimental errors. On-board cameras detect improperly placed consumables and prevent the run from starting until the component is correctly placed.

Featured Genexus Integrated Sequencer consumables

Reagents and assays

The Genexus Integrated Sequencer is compatible with Ion AmpliSeq and Oncomine assays.


Choose Ion AmpliSeq panels when you need custom NGS assays that are sensitive and easy to use.


Choose Oncomine Solutions for a complete NGS oncology research testing workflow from sample to report.

Featured Genexus Integrated Sequencer assays