The smart design of the Genexus Integrated Sequencer is engineered to reduce errors while maximizing your lab’s productivity

Move faster with automated NGS

Efficiently generate NGS-based insights from a wide range of clinical research samples, including:

  • Lysates—FFPE, fresh-frozen tissue, bone marrow
  • Plasma
  • Whole blood
  • Peripheral blood leukocytes (PBLs)
The Ion Torrent Genexus System

Pair the Genexus Purification System with the Genexus Integrated Sequencer to go from sample to report in as little as 24 hours.

The streamlined NGS workflow maximizes walk-away time

Stay focused on other research activities with the Genexus Integrated Sequencer’s labor-saving workflow. Simply load your plate containing purified nucleic acid and, in less than a day, you can obtain a reliable NGS report.


This versatility enables you to run both small‑ and large‑scale projects without the need to change platforms.

The simple and streamlined Genexus Integrated Sequencer workflow

Ready-to-use, barcoded consumables and on-board cameras designed to save time and reduce errors

In addition to an automated NGS workflow, the Genexus Integrated Sequencer comes with pre-packaged, plug-and-play consumables that are engineered to save time and simplify run setup.


Simply load the pre-filled barcoded plates into the instrument and you’re ready to go.

Pre-packaged and barcoded reagents and consumables for Genexus System

On-board cameras read the barcoded plates

On-board cameras read the barcoded plates and detect incorrectly loaded consumables. You’ll get an error notification that prevents the run until all the reagents are correctly placed.

Software that easily generates custom or pre-packaged reports

The intuitive Genexus Software helps reduce the learning curve and chance for user errors, analyzes the sequence data, and generates custom or pre-packaged reports, regardless of your level of bioinformatics expertise. Automatic system back-up and data encryption helps keep data secure.


The software generates universal data files that can be used with the integrated reporting tools or exported for third-party analysis.


Oncology researchers can further streamline reporting workflows with the Oncomine Reporter, a genomic analysis software tool that seamlessly integrates with Genexus Software files to deliver sample-specific variant annotation. The algorithm is curated monthly with relevant markers to keep your insights up to date. 

Summary of features



Rapidly go from nucleic acid to analyzed report in as little as 24 hours



Run samples with the flexibility of multiplexing up to 48 library reactions per run



Library prep, sequencing, and reporting all happen on one instrument with a set-up-and-go workflow


Flexibility to accommodate small sample batches—on-instrument reagent and chip stability supports sample intake variability


With a single touchpoint that includes ten-minutes of hands-on time, the Genexus Integrated Sequencer starts with purified nucleic acid and automates all remaining steps of the targeted NGS workflow



Innovative multi-lane chip—simultaneously process up to four compatible assays in a single run


Reduce NGS operating costs with simplified setup using pre-filled reagents


Helps prevent user error by allowing the Genexus Integrated Sequencer’s onboard vision system to verify reagent placement and detect errors in real time



Find meaning in generated data by identifying markers based on relevant evidence


Even novice users with limited bioinformatics experience can generate analysis



Developed under design control principles, manufactured in facilities regulated by FDA, ISO13485 certified, manufactured under Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs)

Workflows support a wealth of applications

Whether you are using targeted NGS to support oncology, infectious disease, inherited disease, or reproductive health studies, you can find pre-built Ion AmpliSeq and Oncomine assays designed for your application. Alternatively, you can create custom Ion AmpliSeq panels with the online Ion AmpliSeq Designer tool.


Learn more about the applications enabled by the Genexus Integrated Sequencer:

Discover and analyze multi-biomarker types including fusions, insertion/deletions (indels), single nucleotide variants, and copy number variations.

Identify chromosome abnormalities in embryo samples for scientific insights that may increase the probability of success for future pregnancies and healthier future generations with preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy (PGT-A).

Uncover microbial diversity, study pathogen outbreaks, and identify mutations that may be associated with antibiotic resistance.

Explore how genetics and the environment combine to influence the development of inherited cancers and other heritable diseases.