Preimplantation genetic testing – aneuploidy (PGT-A)

Preimplantation genetic testing – aneuploidy (PGT-A) is a rapidly growing area of fertility research commonly incorporated into IVF research workflows. PGT-A findings can determine chromosome presence and frequency in embryo biopsies, which provides scientific insight into reducing the time to pregnancy and decreasing miscarriage rates. Ion ReproSeq PGS kits for PGT-A leverage the speed and reliability of Ion Torrent next-generation sequencing (NGS) to offer important insight for future reproductive decisions.

Ion ReproSeq workflow—preimplantation genetic testing made simple

ReproSeq PGS kits for reliable and rapid aneuploidy detection

Key benefits of preimplantation genetic screening with Ion ReproSeq PGS kits

Versatile and comprehensive


Detect whole-chromosome, mosaic, and small copy number events with just 6 pg of DNA from single or multiple cells

Scalable throughput


Multiple kit configurations to analyze from 16 to 192 samples in a single run

Rapid end-to-end NGS workflow


Cells to results in less than 10 hours* and minimized user error, with <2 hours* hands-on time

Enhanced interpretation of results


Mosaicism detection, gender masking, and improved data plotting (for easier data interpretation)

Premium quality controls


Deliver enhanced PGT-A results with checks for triploidy, maternal contamination, and sibling identification

*Turnaround time for the Ion ReproSeq PGS Kit with Ion 510 Chips (16 samples/run) is less than 10 hours with less than 2 hours of hands on time

Simple, rapid workflow from single cell to aneuploidy detection

Ion ReproSeq PGS kits include all materials for library construction, template preparation, and sequencing on Ion Torrent NGS systems for cell to analysis in as little as 10 hours.* Simple cartridge-loaded reagents, straightforward user interface, and automated template preparation minimize user errors and facilitate rapid implementation of PGT research into your lab.

The Genexus workflow (blue) leverages the flexible design of GX5 chips, which can run from 24 to 48 samples per lane. Each lane can be run independently, for a total of 96 or 192 samples per chip.


For the Ion GeneStudio S5 System workflow (purple), the Ion sequencing chips (Ion 510 Chip, Ion 520 Chip, and Ion 530 Chip) provide sample throughput flexibility and scalability to match your needs and enable cost-effective analysis of 16, 24, or 96 samples in a single sequencing run.


*Turnaround time for the Ion ReproSeq PGS Kit with Ion 510 Chips (16 samples/run) is less than 10 hours with less than 2 hours of hands on time

Deliver premium PGT-A analysis with SNP-based quality controls

Confidently identify triploidy 69, XXX, assess potential maternal contamination, and track sibling samples with the new Ion AmpliSeq Polyploidy Panel, now available as an optional add-on to Ion ReproSeq PGS Kits.

Adam Harris

Director of Research and Development

Thermo Fisher Scientific


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