Targeted sequencing.

From research to the clinic, small gene panels to exomes or transcriptomes, our next-generation sequencing (NGS) solutions help you discover and understand. Learn how best to integrate Ion Torrent technology into your work today, and tomorrow.

Research areas

Cancer research

We are committed to providing the widest selection of tools for cancer research, with the highest quality for every budget, to help you reach your next breakthrough.

Immunology research

Enable a multi-dimensional approach to repertoire sequencing and immune response.

Inherited disease research

Discover causal variants easily with the simple and rapid Ion Torrent sequencing workflow. Speak to one of our sequencing specialists and get a quote for the Ion Torrent sequencers.

Microbial research

Microbial identification, strain sub-typing, and infectious disease research panels for targeted sequencing

Reproductive health research

Expanded carrier screening and preimplantation genetic testing for positive impact on families around the world

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Citations, publications, and peer-reviewed articles using Ion Torrent technology

See how scientists are making answers accessible by accelerating their research with target sequencing


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