Targeted sequencing has never been simpler

Ion Chef System—save even more hands-on time

Automated Ion AmpliSeq™ library construction, template preparation, and chip loading, now all in one instrument

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Intro to Sequencing

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Informatics Solutions

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Semiconductor sequencing workflow overview

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers simple, fast, and affordable solutions for targeted sequencing. The Ion S5™ and Ion S5™ XL workflow makes it easy—from automated Ion AmpliSeq library construction and template preparation on the Ion Chef™ System to sequencing runs that take hours (not days), as well as simplified data analysis. Ion Torrent™ semiconductor sequencing offers streamlined and affordable end-to-end solutions, so you can accelerate and advance your research.

select targets

Select from our pre-designed gene panels or design your own with Ion AmpliSeq Designer.

construct library

Minimize hands-on time with automated Ion AmpliSeq library construction on the Ion Chef System.

Hands-on time:
15 minutes

prepare template

Conveniently go from automated library preparation to automated template preparation and chip loading, all on the versatile Ion Chef instrument.

Hands-on time:
15 minutes


The Ion S5 and Ion S5 XL systems offer the simplest DNA-to-data workflow for targeted sequencing with industry-leading speed and affordability.

Hands-on time: <15 minutes

Automate data analysis with Torrent Suite™ Software and find the biological meaning of your data with Ion Reporter™ Software.

One tube for SNPs, indels, and CNVs - Ion AmpliSeq targeted sequencing panels


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