NGS Library Preparation Kits for Illumina Systems

The Invitrogen Collibri portfolio of library prep kits and accessories generate libraries more quickly, with less bias, in order to match the speed and capacity of Illumina instruments. Advantages available only from Invitrogen Collibri Library Prep Kits:

Research SARS-CoV-2 mutations and gene expression profiles

Collibri Library Prep kits for Illumina Systems enhance NGS-based viral surveillance with higher quality sequences and rapid protocols.

  • Identify emerging strains
  • Rapidly generate gene expression profiles
  • Research target sequences for vaccine or therapeutic development

Identify the best technology for your research

Review optimized protocol to sequence SARS-CoV-2

Visual feedback at each step in the protocol indicates proper addition and mixing of reagents

Video: Improve success rates of library generation using visual feedback

Collibri PS DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina systems

Figure 1. An example of the Collibri PS DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina systems workflow in which each reagent contains a unique tracking dye that provides visual feedback of proper reagent addition and mixing.

Shorter total workflow times, greater support

The Collibri library prep workflows match the pace needed to efficiently utilize Illumina systems. Reduce time spent on placing orders, managing inventory and contacting technical support from multiple companies. Thermo Fisher Scientific offers technical and ordering support for most steps in the total pre-sequencing workflow for improved efficiency of your lab operations.

Whole-genome sequencing PCR-free library prep workflow

RNA-seq library prep workflow

Visual feedback is provided by the entire Collibri portfolio of library prep kits and accessories

Whole-genome sequencing

Reduce bias in genomic interpretation

RNA sequencing

Clean data reveals transcriptome complexity

Library quantification

Determine the concentration of your Illumina NGS libraries

Library amplification

Amplify libraries for sequencing on Illumina systems

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.