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Ion Torrent semiconductor sequencing technology helps drive discovery around the world, from RNA sequencing panels for complex lung disease research, to exome sequencing for Mendelian disorder research, to variant detection in solid tumor samples.

Diagnosis and treatment of pediatric cancers, Children's Hospital Los Angeles

“Having a comprehensive assay panel has been a huge boon to both improving the diagnostic accuracy and leading to novel therapeutics beyond the front-line therapies.”

Scaling up genetic analysis projects with NGS, Copenhagen University Hospital Rigshospitalet

“In terms of exome sequencing we're now able to run trios on a single chip, two trios per day.”

Inherited disease research—sequencing eight or more exomes per day

“Speed is important for our service. But so is processing 8–12 exomes per day without batching. Ion S5 XL offers us both.”

Core lab—inside Sweden’s sequencing hub

“The Ion S5 system is so flexible with the different chip types…you can use it for small sequencing projects, up to quite large projects.”

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