Ion Torrent next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology offers flexible sequencers and automation tools to help you find answers.

  • A scalable platform
  • Fast run times
  • Easy to use with minimal hands-on time

Discover next-generation simplicity with integrated systems for speed and power. There is no faster or simpler way to harness the power of targeted NGS than with the Ion GeneStudio S5 Series systems and their plug-and-play consumables. When coupled with the Ion Chef System for library prep and templating, NGS automation is at your fingertips.

NGS systems and instruments


Template preparation


Library preparation




Ion GeneStudio S5 series

Enabling scalable, fast, cost-effective NGS to support small and large projects


Ion Chef System

Automated workflow for Ion AmpliSeq library prep, reproducible template prep, and chip loading
Compatibility: Ion Ion

Ion OneTouch 2 System

Semi-automated workflow for scalable and reproducible template preparation
Compatibility: Ion Ion

Ion PGM Dx System

Workflow designed for regulated lab environments and in vitro diagnostic (IVD) applications using NGS

The Ion PGM Dx System is for in vitro diagnostic use. Read more ›

An NGS benchtop sequencer for your lab

Fast results. Flexible systems. Simple workflow.

  • Results in a single day
    • From sample to result
  • Access challenging samples and sample types
    • FFPE, fine needle aspirates, blood, tissue
  • Supports changing needs in your lab
    • Small and large projects on a single semi-conductor sequencer
  • Conduct research across key applications
    • Cancer research
    • Complex diseases
    • Microbial sequencing

Video: The Ion Torrent NGS workflow

Ion Torrent NGS systems for the work you do

Human genetics research
Cancer research
Liquid biopsy
Solid tumor
Cancer Diagnostics*
Microbial sequencing
Human identification
DNA sequencing (targeted DNA panel or exome) 
RNA sequencing (targeted RNA panel or transcriptome)
Epigenetic sequencing
Bisulfite sequencing
de novo sequencing
HLA typing

* Cancer diagnostics available using the Ion PGM Dx System.

Ion Torrent NGS in practice—robust, repeatable performance

Ion Torrent NGS systems help deliver results on a national scale. Our systems were selected for The National Cancer Institute--Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice (NCI-MATCH) trial in the United States, and for other large-scale clinical trials around the world.


NCI-MATCH trial active and approved sites

  192 active sites

  • 2/3 community hospitals
  • 1/3 academic institutions

  796 approved sites


Scalable and flexible platforms for focused next-generation sequencing applications.


Cost-effective platforms enable results
in a single day.

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