Integrated informatics solutions

Ion Informatics solution is built to optimize the Ion Torrent workflow by creating efficiencies and customizations for researchers to focus on results.

Each step of the workflow enables to user to create the solution for their research question: custom panels, automated run plans and quality control, variant calling and annotation, and finally custom reporting.

Ion informatics is a complete workflow solution that delivers consistent and accurate results again and again so that you can focus on your research. 


Ion AmpliSeq Designer

Gene panels, how and when you want them

Ready-to-use, on-demand, and made-to-order panels enable maximum flexibility for your research and your lab.

Torrent Suite Software

Simple solution for automated primary data analysis

Simple, customizable data solution enables quality data from your sequencing runs.

Ion Reporter Software

Annotate and understand your variants

Optimized data analysis enables you to quickly filter to variants of interest and focus on the meaning of your data.

Oncomine Reporter

Informatics to help inform decisions in cancer research

Create a custom lab-generated report that links variants to relevant evidence.

Ion Torrent plug-ins

Expand the functionality of these applications with integrated, Ion Torrent plug-ins and open source plug-ins.

Commercial analysis solutions

Thermo Fisher Scientific has partnered with several software providers to offer streamlined desktop data analysis solutions for semiconductor sequencing data. See what our partners have to offer.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.