Bioinformatics designed for accuracy

The Ion Reporter data analysis process helps ensure you get high quality data by prioritizing and annotating variants. It completes with a report that simplifies your bioinformatics path to discovery by enabling you to focus on finding the biological meaning of your data.

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Ion Reporter data analysis process

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Easy data analysis

Ion Reporter Software removes the barriers of NGS data analysis, enabling you to focus on the meaning of your data. Streamlined analysis with integrated run planning from Torrent Suite Software automates the primary analysis, data transfer, and secondary analysis in Ion Reporter Software.

Optimized workflows: designed to deliver consistent and accurate results

Ion Reporter Software analysis and variant calling helps you quickly focus on variants of interest supported by full annotation from >25 public and proprietary databases.

Informatics for your application

Ion Reporter Software is designed with preconfigured and customizable workflows for a variety of research applications from inherited disease to reproductive health to oncology. Workflows are flexible to enable custom optimization and can also be locked to enable controlled use without depending on the advanced skills of a bioinformatician.

Ion Reporter Server System

The Ion Reporter Server System pairs two individual components, Ion Reporter Software and a powerful computer server, into one integrated solution right in your own building for the ultimate in secure computational resources.

  • Maintain a secure environment with controlled, local access on a server designed to robust data security standards
  • Control software versions and update on your timeline
  • Accelerate your clinical research with fast upload and analysis times  and control over data storage

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Archive data with 15 TB of usable storage

Ion chipFile footprint sizeStorage capacity
(# runs)
Ion 314 Chip1 GB20,000
Ion 316 Chip2 GB10,000
Ion 318 Chip5 GB4,000
Ion 510 Chip5 GB4,000
Ion 520 Chip10 GB2,000
Ion 530 Chip20 GB1,000
Ion 540 Chip45 GB444
Ion PI Chip50 GB400

Number of Ion Torrent sequencer run BAM files that can be stored on the Ion Reporter Server. 

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.