By expanding the functionality of the current on-board software, plugins offer a powerful means to manage a full range of additional applications and analyses. Torrent Suite and Ion Reporter Software allows you to customize your analysis at the end of each run through the use of different plug-ins. A variety of Ion Supported Plugins such as variant calling and de novo assembly are automatically packaged with Torrent Suite Software. A full menu of plugins is available at the plugin store on Thermo Fisher Cloud.

Ion Torrent Browser Plugin Store

Ion Supported Software Plugins

  • Torrent Variant Caller
  • Ion Reporter Uploader
  • Coverage Analysis
  • Run Transfer
  • Filter Duplicates
  • Immune Response RNA
  • RNASeq Analysis
  • PGx Analysis
  • ERCC_Analysis
  • AmpliSeq RNA
  • File Exporter
  • AssemblerSPAdes
  • Data Export
  • Sample Identifier