By expanding functionality, plug-ins offer a powerful means to manage a full range of additional applications and analyses. Torrent Suite and Ion Reporter software allow you to customize your analysis at the end of each run through the use of different plug-ins. A variety of Ion-supported plug-ins, such as variant calling and de novo assembly, are automatically packaged with Torrent Suite Software. Additionally, open source plug-ins are available to expand functionality. However, these have not been tested for functionality and are not documented in support content. A full menu of plug-ins is available at the plug-in store in our Connect cloud-based platform.

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Ion-supported software plug-ins

Integrated into software

  • ampliSeqRNA
  • assemblerSPAdes
  • coverageAnalysis
  • DataExport
  • ERCC_Analysis
  • FieldSupport
  • FileExporter
  • FilterDuplicates


  • immuneResponseRNA
  • IonReporterUploader
  • molecularCoverageAnalysis
  • PGxAnalysis
  • runTransfer
  • sampleID
  • variantCaller

Downloadable from Connect

  • AgriSum Toolkit
  • RNASeqAnalysis
  • RNASeqAnalysis for Torrent Suite Software
  • TRBVNovelAlleleDiscovery (Ion Reporter)

Open source plug-ins

  • AmpliSeq Microbiome Health Analysis
  • Methlation Analysis
  • MSI Call
  • Pan Bacterial Analysis
  • Partek Flow Uploader
  • Pathogenomix Ripseq NGS
  • SmallRNA Analysis