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Guides and Tools

  • Ion Academy: An exclusive Ion-authorized user educational group with live webinar session featuring the latest Ion Torrent information
  • Browse our site for: Training, Events and Webinars
  • Ion AmpliSeq™ Designer: Allows you to design your own AmpliSeq™ panel using the preloaded genomes or by uploading your own reference sequence. 
  • Torrent Suite™ Software: Plan, monitor and track your runs all within a web interface while reviewing the quality and accuracy of your sequencing run, in addition to variant calling, detecting SNPs and indels.
  • Ion Reporter™ Software: Integrate, annotate and interpret your DNA variants faster and more easily from semiconductor sequencing data using a web-enabled solution.
Custom Services

Ion AmpliSeq Community Panels

Leveraging the power of the Ion Community and Ion AmpliSeq technology, we have developed Ion AmpliSeq Community Panels. Designed with leading disease researchers, Ion AmpliSeq Community Panels provide the ability to selectively analyze gene content with the aim of transforming cancer and inherited disease research. Your disease research is greatly simplified with the community-wide availability of these panels. In addition, for maximum flexibility, you will be able to rapidly customize any Ion AmpliSeq Community Panel to advance clinical research to fit your own project requirements.