In 2011, Ion AmpliSeq™
technology enabled targeted
sequencing from as little as
1 ng of DNA or less.
And the world responded.

Sequencing success

Find out how Ion AmpliSeq sequencing can help with low sample quality and input

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Sequencing success

Since its launch in 2011, Ion AmpliSeq targeted sequencing technology has seen broad global adoption and resulted in the publication of over 140 peer reviewed publications across a broad range of applications. Applications span such studies as investigating phenovariance in mice1, assessing gene copy number alterations2, and defining genetic changes associated with lung cancer3 research.

Researchers are not only using Ion AmpliSeq technology for samples where available sample quantity and quality are not limiting, such as cell culture or fresh-frozen tissues, but also seeing tremendous success with challenging sample types, such as formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue, archived samples from fine needle aspirates , and circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) extracted from blood.

  1. Wang et al. (2015) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 112: E440-E449.
  2. Grasso et al. (2014) J. Mol. Diagn. 17: 53-63.
  3. de Bruin et al. (2014) Science 346: 251-256.

“We’ve created four custom Ion AmpliSeq panels, and all of them are performing extremely well on FFPE-derived DNA.”

- Christopher Corless, MD, PhD,
Knight Diagnostic Laboratories,
Knight Cancer Institute, Oregon, USA

Video: Analysis of FFPE tumor samples

Formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tumor tissue samples are challenging to work with. Dr. Nicole Pfarr discusses her experience with Ion AmpliSeq Panels on the Ion PGM™ System, using eight panels, both standard and custom.

“The idea is to use Ion AmpliSeq RNA panels to detect changes in RNA settings, like gene fusion, and use DNA panels to detect genomic variations, SNPs, indels, and copy number variants.”

- Dr. Ian Cree,
Professor of Pathology,
The University of Warwick,
Coventry, United Kingdom

From off-the-shelf pre-designed content to fully customized designs, Ion AmpliSeq targeted sequencing offers solutions for a broad variety of areas including:

Not working with human research samples? Not a problem.  Our Ion AmpliSeq Designer tool offers the ability to design custom panels from 12 predefined genomes, or your own reference genome by uploading your reference file. 

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Walk away freedom

Many researchers have the perception that next-generation sequencing systems are complex, benefit from adept hands that require extensive training to develop and produce untenable quantities of data. With the new Ion S5™ Series, Ion Chef System and Ion AmpliSeq technology that could not be further from the truth.

‘S’ now also stands for simplified instrument set-up, straight forward, automated library construction and swift data analysis.

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Ion S5 and Ion Chef Systems
Ion Ampliseq Designer
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From pre-designed to customizable research panels, all our content is available at Find in-depth descriptions of each pre-designed panel including gene lists and any relevant publications.  Or access Ion AmpliSeq Designer, our simple to use but powerful custom design tool to modify any pre-designed panel to your liking or create your own design de novo.

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