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From off-the-shelf pre-designed panels to fully customizable panels, Ion AmpliSeq™ Panels are designed to meet the needs of any targeted sequencing research application. Not working with human research samples? Not a problem. Our Ion AmpliSeq™ Designer tool offers the ability to design custom panels from 12 predefined genomes, or from your own reference genome after uploading a reference file.

Ion AmpliSeq Technology

Ion AmpliSeq technology enables robust targeted sequencing from as little as 1 ng of FFPE DNA or RNA to simultaneously target tens to hundreds of genes. Additionally, targeted sequencing with Ion AmpliSeq Panels enables the detection of various mutation types, including SNPs, indels, and copy number variants, with a single technology.

We have also developed a database of Ion AmpliSeq predesigned fusion assays that work with limited sample input, just 1 ng of FFPE RNA, to help deliver sensitive, reliable research results of these fusion events.

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Our Ion AmpliSeq inherited disease panels provide coverage of up to 751 genes, employing a straightforward and rapid PCR-based workflow requiring as little as 1 ng of input DNA.

Should a gene panel approach fail on the first pass or simply not be appropriate to your research goal, the Ion AmpliSeq Exome RDY Panel offers an exhaustive search option, covering typically >97% of protein-coding sequences. Whether you choose a focused panel or require complete exome coverage, all panels deliver exceptional coverage (>90% on-target bases) and outstanding uniformity (typically >90% bases within 20% of the mean).

Table 1.  Ion AmpliSeq Panels for inherited disease research

Ion AmpliSeq PanelGenes coveredAverage gene coveragePanel uniformityPercentage reads on target
Ion AmpliSeq On-Demand Panels for human disease researchBuild a custom panel from our catalog of over 5,000 pretested genes
Cardiovascular Research Panel40499%90%97%
Hematology Research Panel39499%94%97%
Neurological Research Panel75199%92%97%
Ophthalmic Research Panel31699%89%98%
Deafness Research Panel v212899%94%95%
Dermatology Research Panel v222299%96%96%
Dysmorphia-Dysplasia Research Panel v251999%96%96%
Endocrine Research Panel v234099%93%96%
Gastrointestinal Research Panel v219499%97%95%
Inborn Errors of Metabolism Research Panel v259499%96%97%
Primary Immune Deficiency Research Panel v226499%95%98%
Pulmonary Research Panel v213198%96%95%
Renal Research Panel v215599%96%95%
Epilepsy Research Panel38699%91%98%
Autism Research Panel v223699%94%97%
Cardiac Arrhythmias and Cardiomyopathy Research Panel9299%97%98%
Inherited Cancer Research Panel13499%95%96%
Hearing Loss Research Panel v16396%96%91%
Dementia Research Gene Panel1799%95%87%
Noonan Research Panel14100%93%98%
TP53 Research Panel1100%88%97%
BRCA 1 & 2 Research Panel2100%97%98%
Comprehensive Ovarian Cancer Research Panel4199%99%97%
CFTR Research Panel1100%98%94%
Pharmacogenomics Research Panel40100%98%82%
Exome RDY Panel19,07296%92%90%

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The use of next-generation sequencing (NGS) has rapidly increased our knowledgebase on the identification and evolution of infectious disease agents. Through the use of targeted sequencing of specific genes, we are now able to efficiently identify the microbes within a mixed population, perform research on retrospective outbreak samples, study potential virulence factors and transmission patterns, and discover mutations that may be associated with antibiotic resistance.

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For research in nonhuman models and other non-model organisms, the online Ion AmpliSeq Designer tool enables custom Ion AmpliSeq Panel designs for 11 nonhuman species, using the latest reference genomes.

Should you not find your particular species of interest, upload your own custom reference genome to design a custom panel. Custom Ion AmpliSeq panels can be designed for any genome using this simple-to-use online tool.

Video: Fast Turn-Around Genotyping without a Reference Genome

Dr. James Schnable from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has developed a technology called "tunable genotyping by sequencing" (tGBS) that provides much better read-depth compared to conventional genotyping-by-sequencing approaches.

Whether you are looking to crack tough cases involving DNA mixture samples, generate more leads for investigations, or analyze highly degraded or trace DNA, Ion AmpliSeq technology offers rapid and accurate answers in a simple and cost-effective manner with our forensically relevant Applied Biosystems™ Precision ID panels.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.