Targeted DNA panels for any genome


• Customize with your genes
• As little as 1 ng of input DNA
• Design for any genome


• 12 to 6,144 amplicons per pool
• One to hundreds of genes
• 384 barcodes for multiplexing


• Just minutes to submit design
• Automated primer design in 2 hours
• Automated library preparation with 15 minutes hands-on time*

If the Ion AmpliSeq™ ready-to-use panels don't match your gene targets then simply select a subset of the targets or enter your specific genomic content online and we will design and create customized Ion AmpliSeq NGS panels just for you.

Creating and ordering custom gene panels is easy with the Ion AmpliSeq™ Designer—a free, online assay design tool that connects you directly to our assay design pipeline.  Panels can be designed against a number of preloaded genomes, or for any other organism by uploading your own FASTA file reference sequence.

*When used with the Ion Chef System.

Preloaded reference genomes available:

Custom panels are delivered in tubes of pre-pooled multiplexed primers in ready-to-use concentrations.  You can add 384-well plates to your order, in which each well contains individual primer pairs in concentrated format.  For custom panels with ≤96 primer pairs, you will receive 2,250 total reactions.  For custom panels with >96 primer pairs, you will receive 9,000 total reactions.

Design a panel

Ion AmpliSeq designer demo

New to Ion AmpliSeq Designer? Just follow the instructions in this training webinar to get started creating your own custom designs. If you need help during the design process, just call our support line.

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Ion AmpliSeq Designer performance specifications

Specifications* Current value
Input DNA amount per primer pool As little as 1 ng
Available reference genomes Cow, chicken, human, maize, mouse, pig, rice, sheep, soybean, tomato
Custom references Upload any reference genome to a password-protected cloud space
Primer Pairs per pool 12 to 24,000
Target size 1 kb to 5 Mb
Target design rate >90%
Coverage uniformity >85%

*Performance values will vary with each custom design
Target design rate—bases covered by the insert region of amplicons out total target bases submitted
Typical coverage uniformity—bases covered at > 20% of the mean coverage
Analysis with Torrent Suite™ Software for diploid genes only