Extensive gene coverage with predesigned inherited disease and cancer panels

Convenient predesigned research panels allow researchers to focus on data generation and analysis, not on the labor-intensive primer design and target selection steps. 

Building a gene panel with the most relevant genes for a particular disease phenotype can be a time-consuming effort—time better spent on informing critical decisions.

To provide an easy start to your clinical research efforts, we offer predesigned research panels that cover the most commonly implicated genes in cancer, Mendelian diseases, and more.

Don’t see genes that you need in one of our panels?

We’ve got you covered. Each panel can be customized using the free Ion AmpliSeq Designer tool ›

Demo Video: Ion AmpliSeq library preparation automation using the Ion Chef System

Ion AmpliSeq library preparation steps are automated using the Ion Chef System, reducing library preparation hands-on time to just 15 minutes for processing 8 samples per run.

Demo Video: Ion AmpliSeq Direct FFPE DNA Kit

With the Ion AmpliSeq Direct FFPE DNA Kit, you can prepare high-quality FFPE DNA in only 30 minutes with just 2 pipetting steps and less than 10 minutes hands-on time.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.