Next-generation sequencing approaches in cancer research: targeted panels

Next-generation sequencing approaches in cancer research: targeted panels

To get the answers you seek from a greater range of samples, Ion AmpliSeq technology helps you achieve high uniformity of coverage across fragmented DNA frequently found in FFPE and FNA samples.

A PCR-based sequence enrichment library preparation approach for targeted NGS, Ion AmpliSeq technology provides the foundation for our oncology menu, whether you're looking at just a few, or hundreds of targets.

Get more from your tumor sample

Ion AmpliSeq panels for exceptional flexibility

Built on Ion AmpliSeq technology, our Ion AmpliSeq panels enable exploration of new cancer research possibilities using NGS analysis.

Starting with input amounts as low as 1 ng, select from Ion AmpliSeq ready-to-use panels or use the AmpliSeq Designer to develop your own custom panel.

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Oncomine assays for comprehensive solutions

Accelerate your cancer research with a more complete approach to NGS. Oncomine assays are multibiomarker targeted NGS assays specifically designed to give you the tools you need for oncology clinical research, including panels, reagents, and informatics software.

Each assay is manufactured with enhanced quality control and is tested on clinical research samples to help ensure results are accurate and meaningful.

The primer panels are carefully designed to deliver relevant information, so you can analyze multiple gene aberrations across a variety of sample types.

The workflow is integrated and streamlined to help you generate answers in less than two days, starting from minimum material, to help reduce your risk of sample consumption prior to obtaining a meaningful result.

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Whether your interest is just a few or many targets, Ion AmpliSeq technology is flexible to suite your needs—use it with any genome across many applications from inherited disease research to microbial analysis to cancer research applications.

Ion AmpliSeq panels and Oncomine assays

Whether you choose ready-to-use or custom panel designs, Ion AmpliSeq panels leverage the primer design technology that has enabled thousands of real-world designs resulting in more than 600 publications in which Ion AmpliSeq technology was used.

Faster results speed you to your next steps

Using Ion AmpliSeq library preparation, the simplicity of automated processing on the Ion Chef and Ion S5 Systems, streamline your workflow so you can get results faster. This simple, optimized workflow takes you from sample to variants quickly.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.