Informatics to help guide decisions in cancer research

Managing, and ultimately interpreting, the significant quantities of variant data produced by next-generation sequencing (NGS) and cytogenetics workflows presents a formidable challenge. In cancer research specifically, the wide range of variants in tumor and blood samples presents challenges for efficient, accurate, and thorough analysis of cancer-relevant data.

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Oncomine informatics helps you:

  • Prioritize variants, find the relevant few
  • Calls variants, identify and annotate cancer drivers for further investigation
  • Quickly create custom, lab-generated reports, including integration of NGS and cytogenetics data for myeloid cancer research

Dependable informatics for discovery in cancer research

The Oncomine Informatics workflow enables high quality data, prioritizes and annotates driver variants, and completes with software to link relevant biomarkers to a curated knowledgebase of relevant evidence from public sources.


Analyze sequence

Streamlines sequencing runs and creates BAM files

Annotate and filter

Calls variants, identifies and annotates cancer drivers

Create reports

Links biomarkers to relevant evidence curated from public sources

Intuitive, web-based interface through the Torrent Browser makes it fast and easy to plan, monitor, and view sequencing run results to enable high quality data for analysis.

Simplify your bioinformatics path to discovery with Ion Reporter Software. By helping to remove barriers in NGS data analysis, this software enables you to focus on finding the biological meaning of your data.

Oncomine Reporter produces clear and concise reports by linking relevant biomarkers with a curated knowledgebase of information from public sources.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.