The Ion Torrent Genexus Purification System automates nucleic acid extraction, purification, and quantitation on a single platform to provide a consistent and efficient workflow solution for next-generation sequencing (NGS) sample preparation. As part of the Genexus System, the Genexus Purification System integrates with the Genexus Integrated Sequencer to deliver an end-to-end workflow from biological specimen all the way to the report in a single day with just two user touchpoints and 20 minutes of total hands-on time. This automation helps to reduce user variability and ensure tracking of sample information to that final report.

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Extract, purify, quantify—all on a single platform

The Genexus Purification System helps minimize user processing errors and increases the reproducibility of your results by requiring just one touchpoint with 10 minutes of hands-on time. In as few as two hours, the system will provide you with a plate of purified and quantified nucleic acid sample that is ready to be loaded onto the Genexus Integrated Sequencer for downstream NGS applications. The Genexus Purification System supports multiple specimen types to enable NGS applications.

Innovative features of the Genexus Purification System

  • Automation—automate nucleic acid extraction, purification, and quantitation all on a single platform
  • Integrated NGS workflow—combined with the Genexus Integrated Sequencer enables an automated, end-to-end NGS workflow and ensures tracking of sample and run-plan information to the final report
  • Broad range of applications—complete DNA, RNA, and cell-free total nucleic acid (cfTNA)* purification from multiple specimen types including plasma, whole blood, PBLs, and lysate from FFPE tissue, fresh-frozen tissue, and bone marrow
  • Easy operation and automated setup for error detection—work simply with prefilled reagents that require only one touchpoint and confirm correct reagent placement with onscreen guidance for loading consumables onto the instrument; the automated bar code scanning identifies consumable expiration dates and detects errors
  • Verified protocols—produce reliable data for purification of nucleic acid for NGS applications on the Genexus Integrated Sequencer
  • Rapid turnaround—go from specimen to purified and quantified nucleic acid that’s ready for NGS analysis in as few as two hours
  • Manufactured at an FDA-registered and ISO 13485–certified facility—have total confidence in the quality of your instrument

Consistent results for your samples

Leveraging industry-leading Applied Biosystems MagMAX sample preparation and Invitrogen Qubit quantitation technologies, the Genexus Purification System automates high-quality sample preparation for NGS to give you confidence through consistent results.

  • Lysates from FFPE tissue samples, including tumor resections, fine needle aspirates, and core needle biopsies were processed on the KingFisher Duo Prime Purification System and the Genexus Purification System for nucleic acid extraction and purification.
  • For tumor resections (TR), up to two 10-µm tissue sections per sample were used for breast, colon, skin, and lung tissue types.
  • For fine needle aspirates (FNA) and core needle biopsies (CNB), up to six 10-µm tissue sections per sample were used for lung tissue type.
  • Equivalency in functional amplification was measured using two targets (ACTB and GAPDH) using TaqMan Assays on the QuantStudio 12K Real-Time PCR System
DNA Concentration

Figure 1: Equivalency of DNA purification performance from sequential purification of FFPE tissue

RNA Concentrations
Figure 2: Equivalency of RNA purification performance from sequential purification of FFPE tissue

Ordering information: instrument, kits, and reagents

Leveraging the trusted MagMAX technology, our kits and reagents support a variety of applications and specimen types.

DescriptionCat. No.
Genexus Purification SystemA48148
KitSpecimen typeOutput nucleic acid typeReactions per kitCat. No.
Genexus FFPE DNA/RNA Purification Kit (DNA and RNA sequential) Lysate from FFPE tissue (surgical resection, core needle biopsy, fine needle aspiration)DNA and RNA, DNA only, or RNA only48A45539
Genexus Cell-Free Total Nucleic Acid Purification KitPlasmacfTNA24A45542
Genexus Multisample DNA Purification KitWhole blood, PBLs, lysate from fresh-frozen tissue and bone marrow DNA only48A45540
Genexus Total RNA Purification KitWhole blood, PBLs, lysate from fresh-frozen tissue and bone marrow RNA only48A45541

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