Automate high-quality sample preparation for NGS

Manufactured at an FDA-registered and ISO 13485–certified facility and leveraging industry-leading Applied Biosystems MagMAX sample preparation and Invitrogen Qubit nucleic acid quantitation technologies, the Ion Torrent Genexus Purification System automates high-quality sample preparation for NGS to give you total confidence through consistent results.

Easier, more reproducible NGS sample preparation

The Genexus Purification System automates sample preparation for NGS to reduce user processing errors and increases the reproducibility of your results by requiring just one touchpoint with 10 minutes of hands-on time. In as few as two hours, the system will provide you with an NGS-ready plate of purified and quantified nucleic acid samples that are ready to be loaded directly onto the Genexus Integrated Sequencer for downstream NGS applications. The Genexus Purification System supports multiple specimen types to enable NGS assays across several application and research areas.

Genexus System

Pair the Genexus Purification System with the Genexus Integrated Sequencer to go from sample to report in as little as a single day.

The streamlined workflow maximizes walk-away time

The Ion Torrent Genexus Purification System’s verified automation protocols allow you to stay focused on other research activities while the instrument’s labor-saving workflow reliably prepares your nucleic acid samples for NGS.

The simple and streamlined Genexus Purification System workflow

Ready-to-use, barcoded consumables and on-board cameras can save time and reduce errors

In addition to the automated NGS sample preparation workflow, the Genexus Purification System also utilizes pre-packaged, plug-and-play consumables that are designed to save time, simplify run setup, and reduce user errors.


Simply load the pre-filled barcoded plates into the instrument and you’re ready to go.

Pre-packaged and barcoded reagents and consumables for the Genexus Purification System

On-board cameras read the barcoded plates and detect incorrectly loaded consumables. If consumables are loaded incorrectly, do not match the selected protocol, or have expired, you’ll get an error notification that will prevent the run from proceeding further until all the reagents are correctly placed.

On-board cameras deliver an error message if they detect incorrectly loaded consumables.

Supports a range of applications

The Genexus Purification System is compatible with complete DNA, RNA, and cell-free total nucleic acid (cfTNA) purification from multiple specimen types including plasma, whole blood, PBLs, and lysate from FFPE tissue, fresh-frozen tissue, and bone marrow.


As part of an integrated solution with the Genexus Integrated Sequencer, the Genexus Purification System enables automated NGS sample preparation upstream of a wide range of next-generation sequencing applications, including:

Discover and analyze multiple biomarker types, including fusions, insertion/deletions (indels), single nucleotide variants (SNVs), and copy number variations (CNVs).

Uncover microbial diversity, study pathogen outbreaks, and identify mutations that may be associated with antibiotic resistance.

Explore how genetics and the environment combine to influence the development of inherited cancers and other heritable diseases.