How your instruments get a second life empowering other scientists

Since 2019, you've donated more than 100 thermal cyclers for sustainable "upcycling" to support your peers' research in 26 countries across the globe.  A partnership between nonprofit Seeding Labs, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and scientists like you has jump-started discoveries in food security, climate change resilience, global health, and more. 

You can be an instrument of change for scientists around the world by trading up your thermal cycler.

Is the future of magnetic beads plastic-free?

Magnetic bead technology got its start when Norwegian professor John Ugelstad became the first to create perfect microscopic plastic spheres without leaving Earth’s gravity. His innovation legacy lives on at the Thermo Fisher Scientific sites Norway sites that produce Dynabeads and other magnetic bead technologies. A new generation of scientists there has now come up with a pioneering, plastic-free technology in the DynaGreen magnetic beads platform.

Green lab solutions

Sustainable science is a journey. Taking care of the earth as well as each other, means that we embark on shared pursuits. Want to reduce your impact on the environment but don’t know where to start? Begin with these easy, everyday lab practices—each step, no matter how small, paves the way to going green in a bigger way. Click on any of the icons below to get started!

Interested in more green lab products?

Check out these featured solutions developed with sustainability in mind.

Invitrogen Qubit and Quant-iT 1X dsDNA Assays provide great results with less mixing, saving on time and plastic usage.

A safer DNA staining option for gels that reduces exposure to hazardous chemicals and eliminates hazardous waste.

Gibco BenchStable Media lowers energy consumption with sustainable packaging while reducing need for cold storage.

Invitrogen Cells-to-CT kits reduce plastic waste by about 95% compared to traditional RNA extraction.

Adapting to a rapidly changing world

Besides reducing the impact laboratories have on the environment, researchers are also faced with other challenges that require adapting the way science is done. Explore solutions that help accelerate science while maintaining safety, as well as boosting scale and productivity.

This state-of-the-art cell therapy manufacturing center empowers researchers to scale future clinical campaigns.

The Invitrogen EVOS microscope is ocular free - giving you increased safety via automated imagery on a large screen.

Cloud enabled Applied Biosystems ProFlex Thermal Cyclers enable you to remotely monitor experiments outside of the lab.

The Invitrogen TrueDesign Genome Editor software enables you to easily design precise genome editing experiments.

Take a break from the bench

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