Combating pollution through soil remediation in Southern Africa

Namibia’s capital city of Windhoek is known as “The Gateway to Endless Opportunities” and that’s certainly how Paulus Kapolo, senior technologist at the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at the University of Namibia is endeavoring to keep it. He and his colleagues have been working with local mechanics businesses to solve for current oil contamination and prevent future ones. Kapolo is harnessing an inexpensive approach to bioremediation that is also environmentally friendly—"we are planning to treat [contaminated areas] with microbes in a controlled environment so that we'll reclaim the soil structure again.”

Equipped with a donated PCR machine that replaced his lab’s outdated one, Kapolo can continue his work towards ensuring healthy soil and a cleaner city. You can donate and be an instrument of change, too, by trading up your thermal cycler to help global science thrive.

Green lab solutions

Sustainable science is a journey. Taking care of the earth as well as each other, means that we embark on shared pursuits. Want to reduce your impact on the environment but don’t know where to start? Begin with these easy, everyday lab practices—each step, no matter how small, paves the way to going green in a bigger way. Click on any of the icons below to get started!

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Check out these featured solutions developed with sustainability in mind.

Conquer cell counting with a reusable slide

The Countess 3/3FL Automated Cell Counters offered with a reusable cell counting slide to eliminate disposable slides.

Invitrogen SYBR Safe DNA Gel Stain

A safer DNA staining option for gels that reduces exposure to hazardous chemicals and eliminates hazardous waste.

BenchStable media—flexible and convenient

Gibco BenchStable Media lowers energy consumption with sustainable packaging while reducing need for cold storage.

A greener kit for RNA extraction

Invitrogen Cells-to-CT kits reduce plastic waste by about 95% compared to traditional RNA extraction.

Adapting to a rapidly changing world

Besides reducing the impact laboratories have on the environment, researchers are also faced with other challenges that require adaptating the way science is done. Explore solutions that help accelerate science while maintaining safety, as well as boosting scale and productivity.

Share your scope safely

The Invitrogen EVOS microscope is ocular free - giving you increased safety via automated imagery on a large screen.

Save time with automated sample prep

Automate extraction and purification of DNA, RNA, protein and cells with Thermo Scientific KingFisher—this means less on-hand time for you at the bench.

PCR from home

Cloud enabled Applied Biosystems VeritiPro Thermal Cyclers enable you to remotely monitor experiments outside of the lab.

Invitrogen TransfectionSelect selection tool

This interactive tool quickly and accurately identifies the best transfection solutions to meet your research needs.

Take a break from the bench

Sustainability Quiz

Test your knowledge while learning interesting, green facts.

5 green influencers to know

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