Cryo-EM Software

Advanced Cryo-Electron Microscopy Software: Empowering Structural Biology


Our cutting-edge cryo-electron microscopy software is designed to enhance the capabilities of this powerful imaging technique, enabling researchers to achieve unprecedented insights into the structure and function of a wide range of targets. With a user-friendly interface, advanced data processing algorithms, and a range of customizable features, our cryo-electron microscopy software empowers scientists to unlock the mysteries of life at the molecular level. Learn more about the exceptional features and benefits of our software, and how it can impact your cryo-electron microscopy experiments.

Smart EPU Software: Intelligent data collection for efficient single particle analysis

Thermo Scientific Smart EPU Software provides a framework to drive automation of data acquisition and image processing in single particle analysis.


This software solution is composed by multiple interactive elements enabling advanced AI-guided decisions. EPU Quality Monitor or Embedded CryoSPARC Live work flawlessly with Smart Plugins to adjust auto processing settings. The inter-operativity of Smart EPU components is guaranteed by CryoFlow Software, a data integration platform for automatic data exchange that simultaneously facilitates collaborative remote work with high security standards.

Tomography 5 Software for automated 3D cryo-electron tomography

Thermo Scientific Tomography 5 Software’s user-friendly interface supports both experienced and new users, enabling all to jump-start their tomography data acquisition. Thermo Scientific Tomo Live Software is an optional add-on that enables on-the-fly quality monitoring of data generated with Tomography 5 Software by performing real-time reconstruction of tilt series into 3D volumes.

Maps Software for correlative electron microscopy

Thermo Scientific Maps Software is an imaging and correlative workflow software suite compatible with the full line of Thermo Scientific SEM, FIB SEM, and TEM platforms. Maps Software automates large-area overviews at any magnification (tile and stitch) and correlation of images from different microscopes. Maps Software guides the acquisition of 3D volumes for serial block face imaging and array tomography.

CryoFlow Software: Integrative data management software for cryo-EM workflows

Thermo Scientific CryoFlow Software is a paperless data management solution for cryo-EM. CryoFlow Software enables applications for the optimization of cryo-EM workflows by facilitating the routine generation of protein structures by single particle analysis (SPA), and cellular structural analysis using cryo-electron tomography (cryo-ET). 

EM Software Updates

Software release management

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a constant stream of software improvements and updates, ensuring you can achieve your goals as quickly and easily as possible.